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Is it time to paint your home?

To paraphrase a famous home designer, “Never underestimate the value of a fresh coat of paint.”
A popular home upgrade, house painting is one of the relatively low-cost improvements with the greatest ROI.
But if you’re thinking this is a home improvement project you can tackle yourself, call a time-out and think again.
There’s a noticeable difference in quality (and value added) between a DIY job and a paint job done by a professional.
To see the aesthetic and financial benefits of painting your home’s exterior/ interior you need to select an experienced licensed contractor whose artistry is recognized and applauded.

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It’s time to call SJZ!

Call SJZ to schedule a FREE painting estimate today. Your project manager and our paint perfectionists will take care of everything from prep to primer to painting to proper waste disposal.
They know which brands are durable and which finishes give your home the best look. They understand which rollers and brushes to use for outstanding results. They are expert at everything from wallpaper removal to faux finishes.
They are true artists at the entire spectrum of the project from color consultation to cleanup.
And everything the SJZ paint perfectionists touch is under the hands-on supervision of owner, founder, passionate home renovator and licensed general contractor Sammy Zablen.

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We’ve got L.A. covered when it comes to painting.
Let us make your home a masterpiece.

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We handle everything with care.

Turn any home into your dream home.

Welcome home to SJZ Construction and Remodeling

For 15+ years, our clients have trusted us with their most significant home remodeling projects. Our comprehensive services include architectural design; interior design; demolition; renovation; construction and landscaping. Inside and out from the ground up and from beginning to end we provide a single-sourced stress-free solution to creating your dream home.

Call us today so we can make your dreams come true. 310-776-5945

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