Is it time to repair or replace your roof?

One of the primary benefits of homeownership is, as the cliché goes, “having a roof over your head.”

That’s terrific, as long as the roof lasts. But nothing lasts forever. And nothing causes more home headaches than an aging, damaged roof. The visible and far more dangerous not so visible impact of not maintaining or replacing a damaged roof can be disastrous.

Damp walls and soggy floors are unpleasant and expensive to replace. Far more serious is the fact that water damage might result in collapsed ceilings or even black mold, which can have major health consequences.
When roof issues start to rain down on you, you need to choose an experienced, licensed contractor who knows what’s up.

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It’s time to call SJZ!

SJZ is the California peak when it comes to roof repair and replacement. Call SJZ to schedule a FREE roof inspection today. Your project manager and roof patrol team will help you get on top of the situation right away.

Their experienced point of view is based on years of addressing every conceivable (and some inconceivable) roof issues at addresses throughout Los Angeles. They’ve seen it all: cracked shingles; wind damage; exposed nails; missing granules; curling shingles; sloppy flashing; missing chimney crickets; missing kick-out flashing; improperly flashed chimneys; damaged plumbing vent boots; rusted chimney flashing etc…

Plus, our roof patrol is staying on top of their game by becoming among the first certified, trained Enviroshake installers in all of California. This eco-friendly, maintenance free product provides the authentic look of cedar and slate at substantial cost savings!

And everything the SJZ roof patrol does up on your roof is under the hands-on supervision of owner, founder, passionate home renovator and licensed general contractor Sammy Zablen.

Put our many years of experience in L.A. to work for you. Make an appointment now.

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We’ve got L.A. covered when it comes to roofs.
Let us install one for you.

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We handle everything with care.

Turn any home into your dream home.

Welcome home to SJZ Construction and Remodeling

For 15+ years, our clients have trusted us with their most significant home remodeling projects. Our comprehensive services include architectural design; interior design; demolition; renovation; construction and landscaping. Inside and out from the ground up and from beginning to end we provide a single-sourced stress-free solution to creating your dream home.

Call us today so we can make your dreams come true. 310-776-5945

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